Thursday, July 22, 2010


We found some really cute wall decals today at Shopko on sale, and the blank walls in the nursery had been driving me crazy! Problem fixed.
Here is what the nursery looks like now, basically done. I say basically because I still need to find and/or make (probably more like watch someone who can sew make) a cover for Steve's old recliner - I love it, it's just ugly, or... well-loved. Also, the blank spot between the recliner and the bookshelf is going to have a little stand that Steve's going to make and I'm going to attempt to paint in some cute way that will support a dowel so we have someplace to hang her dresses and coats as the room (and most other bedrooms in our house) has no closet. Beyond that, I think we're basically finished!A very handy friend from church found and fixed up our dresser for us - so great!
I also filled the picture frames we were given at our baby showers in Spokane. I like my pictures much better than the ones of the random woman holding someone else's baby.... The other frame is very cute and Disney princess themed, but this is my favorite because of the pictures in it. I'm thinking I may paint the letters some pastel colors so everything isn't white. Regardless, this is easily one of my favorite things in her room.

This picture is of one of the changing pad covers I made last week. If anyone who actually knows how to sew had seen me make them, they probably would have shot themselves - or me. But, since nobody in this house knows how to sew, they do the trick. The other one is white with Pink, green, and blue dots that make me think of bubbles.

And this is called being resourceful. Jen gave me this board to put pictures and things on when I was still in high school. I've never used it a ton - a few Christmas cards found their way onto it over the years. And then I was thinking about how some ladies at church have bow-boards to keep track of bows and pacifiers and such. Awesome! Love it in there. Now I just need to collect more cute bows.... A few ladies at church can make adorable things like this:
Hopefully I'm not beyond learning to be crafty and can make them too!

So, her room is basically done, bottles and pacifiers have been sterilized, clothes, sheets, and blankets washed and put away, bassinet cover washed and bassinet put in our room.... I even figured out how to buckle and use our carseat the other day. We are getting ready! Well, as ready as we'll ever be to have a child...

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