Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ellie's first Hockey game

Ellie is quite the sports fan, something I'm proud of.  The way I figure it, if I can get her to like the things I like (roasted meat, firearms, and sports) then she's more likely to like guys who like what I like.  If she likes guys that like what I like, then she's much less likely to bring home some vegan, metrosexual, liberal, hippy, environmentalist loser that I'd have to "make disappear".

The Tri-Cities has a hockey team the Tri-City Americans (kind of a AA type club), and a couple of months ago Nicolle won tickets for a game.  It was time for a momentous occasion, Ellie's first hockey game.  

Now football is my favorite sport, bar none; but hockey is my favorite sport to watch live, bar none.  Why?  The atmosphere at a hockey game HAS to be what it was like to be in the Roman Colosseum watching the gladiatorial games.  During the game a player took a slap shot puck (traveling at about 120 mph) right to the face, the crowd's reaction?  "BRUSH IT OFF YOU FREAKIN PANSY WE HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!"

The game was going great, and Ellie was really enjoying it.  We got to the third period, and I was worried that Ellie wouldn't get the full hockey experience.  What was missing?  WE HADN'T SEEN A FIGHT YET!  My worries were assuaged half way through the third when two players dropped gloves and went at it.  During the fight I kept whispering in Ellie's ear "Lets see some of those pansies from Twilight do THAT!  Sweetheart, those are REAL men."

When the game was over the Tri-City beat Everett 7-2.  The game was great, and it was a great family night.  Live hockey, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

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