Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Bennett #2 Ultrasound #2

Today we had our second ultrasound with baby Bennett. I know, we just had one, but this is part of what they call an NT (a new screening to assess risk of down syndrome and other major health issues). Everything appeared normal, which is what we expected with no family history that would make us think anything else would happen. We were told that the doctor will keep our due date at the 29th of October officially, even though our ultrasounds show us about half a week ahead of that. However, that is fine with us as it gives us more time to try and have this baby before our due date comes and the doctor schedules a c-section (that's his policy). Really, not much else to say. Ellie came with us for this appointment where it was just a short ultrasound and that was easier than asking someone to watch her. She sat with Steve and was really focused on what the tech was doing to me and wanted me to hold her, but she did well. She kept pointing to the screen and saying "See! Baby!" Needless to say we were told numerous times how cute she is.

So far, this baby isn't nearly as active as Ellie was at ultrasounds. It lays there for the most part and occasionally waves hands and feet and does little hiccup motions. Ellie was always flopping around like crazy and super active. It is as stubborn though as it took the tech a while to get the pictures she wanted because just like big sister, this kid didn't ever want to look at the machine. And with that, enjoy the pictures.
Isn't it amazing to look at the last post and see how much the baby has grown and changed in just a couple weeks? The human body is a miracle that always testifies to me of a knowing Heavenly Father and Creator.

Oh, and I guess the one other piece of news is that they scheduled our 20 week ultrasound where we'll get to find out what we're having. So, unless baby doesn't cooperate or they move our date for some reason, we should find out whether Ellie is getting a little brother or sister on June 12th. Enjoy guessing along with Steve and I until that point in time!

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