Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bennett, Party of 4

Did you know that if you go back to our Valentine's Day family picture there are four of us in that photo? We were hoping that was the case, but didn't actually know till after. That's because this is what I found out on February 17th, 2012.

And when Steve got home from work, this is what he found waiting for him as a "late Valentine's gift". He wasn't nearly as much fun with this one as he was with Ellie though. He saw the Godiva chocolate cigars and went "We're pregnant." And that was that. Totally rain on my parade why don't you.....
We spent the next several weeks with me sick, having to take time off work because I couldn't function, sleeping a lot because the doctors gave me unisom to treat morning sickness (unisom is a sleep aid and I'm VERY easily influenced by medications), and waking up to find out whether Ellie had been good and played quietly or whether she had stuffed a comb all the way down the toilet... Fun times. But, things have definitely started looking up! And, on March 28th we went in for our early ultrasound.

Here's what I looked like at just shy of 10 weeks (according to our ultrasound).
Yeah, number 2 is definitely showing WAY earlier than Ellie did!

And here are the pictures we got to see of our little one. It was a big relief to see something in the ultrasound where I never feel pregnant till sometime in 2nd trimester and kind of wonder if it's all real. Then it was a relief to hear the heartbeat. Our final relief came when the baby moved a little after about 5 minutes, kind of waving its back hand back and forth and then hiccuping up into a scrunched position and then back down again. So fun! This picture isn't great, but it has our stats, so I included it.

This is the picture they printed off for us, so this is the one all the family got to see as they found out.

And this is how most of the family found out. Sorry, Ellie wasn't staying still for the picture, but you have to read the shirt. Best part is that grandparents understood and other people to a large degree either didn't read the shirt or thought it was a really weird hand me down to let her wear...

Ellie has been trying to feed and diaper her babies and stuffed animals a lot lately though, as well as any real babies she comes across. We think she'll be a fantastic big sister come late October!

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