Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 15th Part 2: Tolovana Beach

After we left the Astoria Column, we tried to go see a lighthouse, but the new Washington State Parks prices are so ridiculous it would have cost us over $50 to walk a few hundred feet to see it and stop at an interpretive center. So instead, we charged down just south of Cannon Beach to have lunch at the world famous Mo's. They're clam chowder is pretty darn good (and I HATE seafood), and Mo's are only on the Oregon Coast, so Steve and I always make a stop when we're there.

It's also fantastic because Mo's is literally right on the beach, and unlike Seaside and Cannon Beach just a few miles away, the beach is not nearly as developed or crowded. So we really enjoyed walking on the beach and letting Ellie play.

Tolovana Beach

There is just something so wonderful about walking along the beach and listening to the ocean. It's just so peaceful and tranquil. We watched people fly kites, play with dogs, looked for seashells, and just soaked in the whole place.

Ellie of course loved playing in the sand again.

And now the story Steve would probably kill me if I didn't tell and will exaggerate for the rest of our lives. According to my husband, this is the story of how I "abandoned my child, leaving her for dead" or some such dramatic title as he sees fit for the retelling.

So, this is how the story begins. We were walking Ellie down to the water to see what she would do with the waves since she was so unpredictable a few months ago with how she'd respond - all of which reactions were highly entertaining to us.
And then, Steve and Ellie and I stopped and looked at the water. And Steve stood there waiting for the waves to come hit them and see what Ellie would do. And I realized I had my shoes on and - uh, needed pictures of them in the water. Well it's true! I did want pictures! (And maybe some dry feet.....) So, I promptly dropped Ellie's hand, made sure she was still steady, and ran. And took the two following pictures.
Alright, lets analyze this situation for a moment. Our little girl is in the ocean at this point, which parent seems more qualified to protect our little girl from the ravages of the sea? A) Mommy, who happens to be a certified swim instructor and life guard or B) Daddy WHO CAN'T FREAKING SWIM?! If you answered A) congratulations you made the logical choice.

Unfortunately what happened is with the ocean bearing down on our little girl Mommy screamed and ran away faster than Obama has run away from his campaign promises; and Daddy (WHO CAN'T FREAKING SWIM) sat their and braved the cold ocean water with his daughter........Yup, Steve wasn't real impressed. Hard to tell, I know. But to be fair, he complained the rest of the day about wet shoes, but here is another picture showing him running back from washing off shells for the 3rd or 4th time, not to mention showing the waves to Ellie earlier. It's not like his feet were dry when we walked Ellie down to the water to begin with.....
Anyway, we had a fantastic day, which ended with a VERY tired Ellie who napped about 30 minutes the whole day up to that point, and was ready to cuddle up with Grandpa's hat (he gave it to her to block the wind on the walk back to the car) and go to sleep. She slept well on the way home.And no matter what your Daddy tells you, Little Girl, I did not abandon you. I promise. I lovingly entrusted your care to your father for a short time. That's what marriage and partnership is all about.

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