Monday, October 31, 2011

Most of the way and half-way

So, since about mid-September, I have been on a mission to lose weight. I haven't always pursued this mission daily, or even weekly, but I am making an effort. I lost some weight just going back to work and swimming, so I continue to swim at least a 300 every day I work, and I am trying to stick with Jillian too, although don't ask me how I'm doing on that lately. So, when I weighed myself last week, I expected bad news. Instead, I found out that I was down 8 lbs from the beginning of September! That only leaves me about 2.5 lbs left of pregnancy weight to lose! Ok, so admittedly, I don't look the same as I did when I was this weight last time, having a baby will apparently do that to you. But, I am losing weight, and if I stick with it hopefully some redistribution of weight will follow. The other great news is that I am about half-way to my target weight that I would love to achieve by New Years. I know, that gives me some time, but if I can continue a slow and healthy weight loss averaging about 4 lbs a month then I can still enjoy this process and hopefully not give up. As a celebration (and because I was down to one pair of jeans) I went and spent some of my birthday money to buy some new jeans today and got a top too. The jewelry and flower in my hair (trust me, it's there) are from a company called Paparazzi that I was recently introduced to and LOVE because they're most expensive jewelry sets are $5!

This may be how I look.

But losing weight makes me feel like this!
Totally pretending to be trendy with the side pony, but I kind of like it with the clip. Welcome back 80's. I never knew you then, and I hope not to know you very well now either.

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