Monday, October 31, 2011

Ellie's Halloween

It's funny to look back at pictures of Ellie last Halloween where it was Sunday and she was all dressed up, because here is how I took her out shopping today.

Oh, and here is how Daddy went to work today. Just call him "House".

But, we did plan on doing something festive. Our ward didn't do a "Trunk or Treat" this year, so we crashed our old Prosser Ward's activity Saturday night. Ellie loved seeing everyone in their costumes, walking around everywhere with decorated cars while we tried to direct her through the traffic to the candy, and eating said candy. By the end of the night she knew what her trick or treat bag was and kept an eye out in case it was ever unattended. Like the bum that I am, I realized too late we didn't have our camera with us. But, we did take pictures of Ellie in her monster costume today before we headed out again.

We had planned to go to "Safe Treat Street" in our city before I had to go teach swim lessons, but when we got there with about a half hour to explore after Ellie's nap, there was about an hour long line just to enter. So, that option was out. Instead, we turned around and walked to the mall to see if anything was going on there.

Some of the stores were handing out candy to kids trick or treating in the mall. That gave us just enough candy to feel we'd at least introduced Ellie to the concept of Halloween and then I had to go to work. Apparently while I was in the pool, Daddy was helping Ellie feast on her spoils. And that only continued when we got home.
This sucker actually started out as Daddy's and ended up as Ellie's. She came over begging till he shared, then stole it repeatedly till he surrendered. Yup, she LOVES her candy. And I think she finally crashed about 10:45 or so... Yay sugar rush! But, when a monster is this cute, who could really begrudge her 4 or 5 pieces of candy?!I know, right? So cute it's ridiculous.


  1. Yeah....for sure, in a word: CUTE!

    Super pics. Man she's getting big, thanks for sharing!!

    Hope to see you @ the T-Day Break!

  2. Such a cute monster costume, and such a cute monster inside it. :) Sounds like you had a good Halloween!