Sunday, October 23, 2011


We headed to Spokane the first weekend in October to see family since we weren't sure when our next break to go East would be before Christmas. My sister Jennifer came and stayed while we were there with her son, Wyatt. We figured while we had them both together, we'd grab a few cousin pictures. These are a few of my favorites for various (and mostly comical) reasons.

We took pictures outside in my Dad's yard. So pretty.

They both look thrilled about the whole experience, don't they? We have a lot of pictures of them taking turns being stern, or in Ellie's case - spaced out much of the time.

This one cracks me up because it makes me think of a girl really enjoying a boy not wanting to get cooties or something. Wyatt totally looks like he doesn't want to touch her, and Ellie is cracking up. Makes me smile.

Eventually, with a lot of both mom's doing stupid things, we got a few pictures with them both close to smiling - ish.
Ok, this cracks me up every time I see it too. Ellie must have gotten tired with us propping Wyatt up on her (he kept trying to fall to the outside, so we leaned him on her). So, like any good, loving cousin - she gave him a good hard elbow. Not really, but that's how it looks. She did try to push in front of him though.
To reduce the number of elbows Wyatt took, this was our next pose. And one of the better pictures of this pose.
I love looking through all the pictures we took that day as there were 3 cameras and a phone all taking pictures while Jen kept Wyatt from slumping over. Lots of funny faces, one smiling at a time, and some fun memories of them together at this age. And, you've got to love Ellie's holding her cow the whole time. We are really into cows as of late ever since she learned to moo like one.

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