Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ellie's 1st First Christmas

Ok, first to explain the title: We knew that we wouldn't be home for Christmas. And it made NO sense to travel with all of Ellie's presents all over the Northwest. So, we had our own little first Christmas on December 12, 2010. Later, Santa brought Ellie presents at Grandma and Grandpa Bennett's, plus family presents there, and then we had a Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Rose once we got to Spokane.

This is what Ellie's first Christmas tree looked like. Also, our first tree over 3 feet tall...

Here are some pictures and a video of Ellie opening some of her first presents with Daddy! She did great and loved grabbing and holding onto the paper. Unfortunately for her, we didn't let her enjoy eating any.

And one of Ellie and Mom opening a gift.

We got her mostly clothing and books as we figured those were things she would need down the road anyway. Ellie was totally spoiled as we finished our shopping in November and then found things on sale we liked. Also, buying one or two things at a time adds up without your realizing it!This is what Aunt Julie and Aunt Charlie got for Ellie which we also opened as we got their gifts in the mail before our Christmas. So very cute! Thank you both!

Ellie had a great 1st first Christmas! We loved having a Christmas as a little family this year and getting to focus on Ellie and what she might like in the months and years to come!Our Munchkin the day after this little celebration. Merry Christmas Ellie!

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  1. She is so cute! Isn't Christmas so much more fun when you have a kid?