Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas: Take 3

After spending Christmas in Preston, we made the drive to Spokane on the 27th. Instead of a 9 hour drive turning into 15 hours on our way to Preston, this 10 hour drive only took around 9! So much happier than our first drive of the break...

So, we left a mostly dry and foggy Preston for this:
Yeah, we may have seen a little bit of cold weather and snow while we were in Spokane. Just maybe... This is my parents' weather vane in their backyard. By the way, all these pictures are ones Kerry took since I've learned it's hard to both enjoy time with family and get lots of pictures at the same time. Thanks for letting us steal your pictures, Kerry!

We had a great, restful break spending time with family. Wednesday morning Jennifer came over and we had our 3rd Christmas with Ellie. Here is the outfit we bought her for her 1st Christmas. We put her in it on Christmas day, but she threw up all over it before we could get a single picture, hence the Cougars gear in pictures from that day. (Santa brought the WSU shirt to her knowing Daddy would love it, so of course he had to put her in it when she needed a new outfit that day.) We figured it was still Christmas for us, so she wore it again for this Christmas with more lasting results.

Ellie got some great touch and feel board books from a series we love, some other great books like Goodnight Moon, and some really fun toys. Here she is opening a snail that sings and lights up that she can push and chase after down the road.
Steve and I enjoyed our peaceful week in Spokane, and with the bad roads and weather didn't venture out a whole lot. Instead, Steve found new ways to entertain us all.Well, some of us were entertained....

He didn't appreciate my lack of enthusiasm for his new headgear.But don't worry, we're still friends.

Other highlights from break: lots of Uno, some Farkle, swimming with Ellie for the 1st time (later blog on this), a very uneventful New Years, and Ellie visiting Grandma and Great Grandpa.

Saturday we also THOROUGHLY enjoyed an amazing prime rib dinner that has become the tradition in my family for Christmas. Afterward, we all about peed ourselves during a rousing game of Apples to Apples which involved learning from Dad that New York is the capital of the world if you're looking for a certain type of person and what Dolly Parton is known for, as well as what adjective Kerry thinks best describes Helen Keller. Basically, Apples to Apples is amazing, and gets more so the later at night you play. LOVE it!

Oh, and once again, the BEST part of the trip: watching family with Ellie. Only makes us wish we lived nearer to both of our amazing families!

Just for good measure, a picture from Preston on that same topic.

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  1. Would like to know the back-story of Steve with the Boppy on his head. I bet it's really interesting! That chick who is holding Ellie in the last pic from Preston looks pretty frightening. Are you sure you want her spending time with your daughter? LOL! Needless to say, not my most flattering picture.