Saturday, January 8, 2011


Over break, we started introducing Ellie to things like applesauce to give her stomach more solid foods to work on in order to help out with her reflux and our having less milk to give her.

As a result Ellie now gets three 7-8 oz milk and oatmeal bottles a day, one 2 oz brown sugar water bottle, one formula bottle, and a little bit of baby food. Her diet is rapidly expanding!

Ellie wasn't really sure when we got home what it meant to be strapped into this seat in much the same way I imagine NASA straps its astronauts into rockets.
But, she was excited nonetheless.
We're still working on using spoons, and liking surprising flavors. So far Ellie has only really had Grandma's applesauce (she loves this) and apples and blueberries. She is only supposed to try one new food a week in case she is allergic to something so we can know right off what it is. The first few bites always throw her off and she makes faces, but usually she comes around, eats a decent amount, and ends up satisfied and looking like this.

We also let Ellie try anything fairly liquid we are eating. Pot pie filling, spaghetti sauce, etc. She'll try anything as she's figuring out that if we're eating something it must be good. She constantly tries to grab my food, and especially drinks where she's used to seeing cylindrical food delivery devices. One day at Dad and Kerry's Ellie reached out and grabbed Steve's Mt. Dew with both hands with her mouth open ready to take a swig. Sorry Ellie girl, Daddy doesn't share well.

Here is a video of her enjoying one of my other snacks in Spokane which she LOVED.

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