Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day at Palouse River Falls

So Steve and I have been talking for the last couple of months, ever since we started having some sunny days, about going to Palouse River Falls. So we met up with Dad and Kerry in Colfax and made our way to the falls on Memorial Day.

Hooray for interpretive signs!!!

The falls was beautiful and I loved that it seemed so out of place in such a dry, rocky area. We got to look at the falls from many angles and enjoyed every one of them.

Then, Steve's part of the day came, which he claims upgrades the "coolness factor of the blog by like 10,000." We saw what Steve identified for the rest of us as a peregrine falcon flying over the cliffs. He flew right up towards us and then landed on the opposite side of the ravine. Because of the distance, you'll have to forgive our not-so-great pictures.

The other wildlife we saw.
Later, we picnicked thanks to Dad and Kerry's foresight. (Which we were very grateful for!) We loved sitting in the very green picnic area and the shade provided after walking around on all that hot volcanic rock!

Then Steve and I hiked the path down into the ravine and over to the top of the falls. I was on edge as I hadn't worn the best shoes and there were some really slippery and steep parts of the trail, but Steve was a true gentleman and helped me across the spots I was most nervous about. In the end, we were rewarded by an amazing view.

Part of our path to the top of the falls: railroad tracks, steep hills, and rocky "trails"

The rocks and walls looked much larger from the bottom of the ravine!

Some of our views along our hike and from the top of the falls:
When we got home, we realized we'd also earned more sunburn pictures for you all to laugh at. Poor Steve's forehead is still peeling, where as my nose is all that I'm still dealing with. Eventually we'll learn or get tan instead of burning... Ha.

Thanks Dad and Kerry! We loved our Memorial Day trip!

On a side note...
If you're interested, click here to watch some crazy guy go off this 186 foot waterfall!


  1. Video good:

  2. I love Palouse Falls. Great memories as TJ, Joe and I hiked the falls a couple weeks before we were married. Side note, I think you need to invest in some sun screen and actually put it on so you don't burn so much. :)