Sunday, June 14, 2009

And only 3 months later...

The San Diego Zoo! I know, it took us a while, but there were over 900 photos to go through for this post!

So we went to the Zoo the Friday of our trip, our last full day in San Diego. We arrived 10 minutes before the zoo opened at 9:00 AM and left at 5:50 ten minutes before they left and we still didn't see everything! But it was an amazing day and we LOVED seeing all the animals. Here are some of our favorite parts. We apologize for the quality of some of the pictures; the zoo fences were not conducive to taking pictures!

To begin with, the San Diego Zoo is the zoo of birds! We loved so many amazing birds, but were admittedly "birded out" by the end of the day. Keeping this in mind, here are some of our favorite birds.
We liked this bird because it spoke to Steve in a British accent on account of its trainer's accent.We saw this little guy in the humming bird aviary. Yes, when a zoo has a lot of aviaries (probably 10 or more) they can have an aviary just for little birds like humming birds.Steve loved this little pygmy falcon! Probably his favorite animal the whole time... Except maybe the Goliath tarantula, which by the way is only on the skydrive because I couldn't bring myself to look at it long enough to add it. Sick!Such cool mohawk birds. They were really fun to watch.OK, so I know that this is a duck/"Quack-and-Smack". However, I thought it was beautiful!Another REALLY cool bird in the raptor area. Steve told me that his brother-in-law Marlow helped bring some of the first Harpy Eagles to the US. I'm glad he did. They were amazing birds and we got to watch the juvenile bird fly around with a rat in hand.OK, definitely one of my FAVORITE birds! We saw them at a few places. I loved watching these two in one of the many aviaries. The first picture is one of the pair picking up branches to add to their nest up in the tree.

Next: Kitties!
Sorry for the rest of you, but I am a cat person, and these were no ordinary kitties. The zoo had a whole large cat area, and lots of smaller cats, but we only got very good pictures of a few.I know, just a cougar/mountain lion/tons of other names, but still looked cool.Ocelot. Sooooo pretty! This one had a brother we could see still locked away because they're still pretty young, but he was really neat to see so close.Believe it or not, according to the zoo these were kittens not long ago. Very cool cat. This is a fishing cat. He actually has webbed feet so he can swim well.

Next up: other various furry creatures. There were lots! And here are just some I felt were especially cool or we got good pictures of.
So admittedly, we also saw meerkats everywhere. However, I liked them everywhere we saw them! And here there was a BABY!This silverback gorilla was amazing to watch. He gets out by himself because he doesn't play nice with the group I guess. Anyway, here is one example of why he was funny to watch. He really liked to poke himself in the bellybutton.This sea otter was funny to see standing straight up. I've seen lots of sea otters before, none standing tall like this one was. I think he really wants to be a meerkat.One of my favorite animals because of how ridiculously small he is: the pygmy marmoset.We loved watching this wombat! I now believe that wombats were the inspiration for Stitch...
So here's irony for you. San Diego is fameous for their pandas. Well, we saw the enormous line to get to the panda exhibit, and that there was an outdoor classroom where you could go see a single panda. We only had a few hours left and a lot of zoo left, so we figured seeing one was enough.I just loved how funny, curious, and stupid this bear looked all at once. I took a ton of pictures of him and enjoyed watching him play for a while.Koalas! They were very cute, although all sleeping. And then we got so lucky and actually got to see this one wake up for a minute (before he went straight back to sleep). So you have to check out the video of this polar bear on skydrive. The thing was going NUTS with this pink ball. It was very fun to watch the bear have such a good time.Pigs. But with a BABY!Another of Steve's favorites, we saw a lot of these and were still always amazed to see them so tall and standing straight up on such scrawny little legs!

Lastly, non-furry animals: both human and non.I said I like kitties... But I don't think I made a very good one myself.Steve as a monkey... Somehow so fitting. He looks rather convincing, doesn't he?Steve thinks he can steer a hippo by the ears. Good luck!Beautiful lizard which we saw on our amazing collection Planet Earth.Another way cool lizard. Gotta love the colors.Well, I may mock Steven, but if he can ride a hippo so can I!

Lastly, here is the skydrive link to our PICTURES and VIDEOS. We LOVED our "honeymoon"!We weren't the only ones cuddling at the zoo.

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  1. Well well well, looks like you had fun! I'm personally all for the otters and polar bears, but hey, all fun and games right? Glad you had fun and hope to see you around soon.
    *Bridget* xoxo