Sunday, May 24, 2009

Steve's Genetics

So, lucky for us, Steve inherited Reva's green thumb!

Steve and I have been wanting a garden since last summer but have not had the time or space for one. Finally, this summer Steve got fed up and decided to buy some of those little starter plants at Walmart. They have definitely grown a lot since then!

I wish I could take some credit for the growth, but the plants have been all Steve's project. Honestly, I just think it's nice to have something green and growing in our apartment! Other than our bathroom ceiling that is.... Unfortunately, this is our bathroom ceiling...

Steve is not quite so excited about the largest plant growing... The tomato plant.

However, he is awfully excited about the fact that the peppers are starting to bloom.

We got our first flower today!

So, we're awfully glad that Steve got Reva's green thumb, even if he won't be terribly pleased if we get a lot of tomatoes. Steve says that we shouldn't say anything until we actually have fruit, but regardless they've grown a lot!

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  1. Yay plants! If you don't want those tomatoes, feel free to send some my way...