Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Place

So I realized that we never took pictures of our first place. Well, this is sort of first place-ish as it's a similar apartment in the same complex. I also figured that since most of our families haven't seen our place, and may never since we'll probably be moving at the end of next month, here are pictures of our apartment.

To begin with, there are no pictures of our bedroom because quite frankly it's too filled with dirty laundry right now for me to be willing to post what it looks like for others to see.

Then there is the "chin room" which obviously is in large part storage unfortunately.

Next is our massive bathroom area.

Here is the hallway that all three rooms all lead into which is often the chinchillas' playground.

The living room. Steve was on the phone getting tire quotes for the Buick.

Our kitchen! Way too crowded, but amazingly huge after the kitchenette which was in our actual first place. Have to love the random art on our fridge. Some from Adventure club still, some mine from AC, and some from nieces, nephews, or kids at church.

So there you go. Our place for the most part as it currently looks... when clean.

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  1. You're place is huge...especially compared to our place right now lol, we live in a tiny place! But you have some character in your home!!! Looks like you have made home though, especially with all of your little pets hehe! Love and miss you! Looks like you're very happy!!!