Thursday, May 7, 2009

More from San Diego: Sea World

As long as it has been since our last San Diego related post, we really should have left you with a cliffhanger on the last one. "Tune in next time to see if Steve and Nicolle successfully fought through traffic to make it to Sea World."

One of the reasons its taken so long to make this post is that we took alot of video at Sea World. We took alot of video because the name "Sea World" had to have been taken from some ancient Greek word for "photographers nightmare." Here's an example:

This is a video of the Leopard Shark tank at Sea World, pretty cool looking. Have to love the music in the background, I'm not sure but I think if you play it backwards is says: "buy a hybrid car, buy a hybrid car." Now look what happens when you try to take a picture of the Leopard Shark tank:

I am sure there are several photographers in our family who could have taken pics that came out, I'm not one of them. After several bad pictures I finally decided that SD cards are cheap, I'll just take alot of video.

Probably the highlight of our whole trip came at Sea World. They have a large outdoor tank filled with Manta and Bat rays. You could sit and watch the Rays, or for $6 you could buy some fish and feed them. Up to this point we had done really good at avoiding overpriced tourist traps, we gave in on this one and we are really glad we did. The video says it all:

That is one of my all time favorite videos of Nicolle. Yeah feeding the rays was fun, it was fun enough that we bought an overpriced stuffed toy ray at the gift shop for memories sake.

Gift shops, yeah thats one downside of Sea World. Sea World isn't a zoo so much as its a giant gift store that happens to have a few animals. Some of the shameless ways they try to peddle you stuff would make Billie Mays or the Shamwow guy blush

Another important stop in Sea World was the Penguin display. Penguins have kind of always been our thing going back to when were dating. While were dating we watched the movie "Happy Feet" and "March of the Penguins" one night, so predictably that was one of our first stops.

One of our next stops was something I had been looking forward to since we decided we were going to Sea World: the underwater shark tube. The shark tube is a 83 foot long clear plastic tube that goes right through the main shark tank.

They should really build a surgery center at the end of this tube, one trip through would make a few people I know pass out, they could then save on anethesia!

Here's a quick video for Kathy, I remember when she had to do a report on manatees. Well here are some manatees up close.

Of course you can't mention Sea World without Shamu. I was able to record the entire Shamu show and the dolphin show, the files are way too big to upload though. Here's a quick video of Shamu up close.

Hope this post was worth the wait. Unfortunately it will probably take us even longer to make a post about the San Diego Zoo, lots and lots of pics from the San Diego Zoo. We have many more pics and vids from Sea World, I uploaded them to my SkyDrive for your viewing pleasure:

Link to Sea World Videos I was too lazy to rename all the files, if you click on each of the files I do have a description so you know what the video is about. The videos on my SkyDrive are bigger than the ones I've uploaded here, maybe even big enough you won't need reading classes.

Link to Sea World Pics

Tune in next time to see if Steve and Nicolle made it through traffic to the San Diego Zoo.


  1. Definitely worth the wait. Love the manatee video! Amanda thinks they are so cute. She is afraid of the sharks, though.

  2. Huh, I don't blame her. They are pretty scary. But I guess that's what makes them so cool!!

  3. Awesome read & pics guys....thanks much for all the updates, it was terrific to escape for a while; enjoy the new posts!!