Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Last 6-8 Months of My Life

So, this is the project which dominated last semester and ensured that my hair will go grey much earlier than it otherwise would have. Then, after semester break, picked right back up to taking my time for the last few months. However, it is done, and put up as of Tuesday. Hooray!!!

This picture is the display from the floor it's on, and gives you an idea of the curved wall we had to work with, and why anything on an ugly cement wall would have been an improvement.

This view is from the landing on the stairs above the panels so you can see all three next to each other.

The three individual panels.

The banner hanging next to the snag.

My baby throughout this process, the panel that I designed before finishing out the project and working on all three.

Thanks to this project, Steve got to deal with me really stressed out, and my class work probably suffered some, but it's probably the proudest accomplishment of college for me. And it makes me wonder if this type of work isn't something I'd like to investigate working in for the future. I officially made a mark on the University of Idaho!