Sunday, April 5, 2009

Married to a Stranger

Ray has said that Reva gets to have affairs without ever losing her temple recommend each time he shaves his beard. Now I have had the same experience. Only I get to see 4 or 5 men each time Steve shares because he likes to do it in stages. This time, we decided to document the experience for your viewing pleasure...


This is Steve - the red-bearded man we all know and love.

A couple of stages later, this is Steve as he would appear in professional wrestling: The Red - Necker (we are still working on the name and his signature move) Currently our greatest obstacle is convincing Steve that fluorescent-colored spandex is hot.

This is Steve trying to imitate his favorite pedophile look alike Jake (the Snake) Plumber. See, so many men can have sick mustaches if they would only try harder...

And Finally, clean shaven and ready to become a: cop (you may all laugh), missionary, or sarcastic high school biology teacher.

It took us both a few days of me looking at him laughing because he looks so different and Steve having heart palpitations each time he walked by a mirror, but we're getting used to seeing his full face again. If you all don't feel the same, that's ok. I'm the only one lucky enough to be married to that great face!

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