Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Non-Location-Specific Parts of San Diego

So, while Steve works on uploading pictures from Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, here is a blog to show you some of the random tidbits of our trip.

For starters, we flew on a lot of different airplanes, and some were pretty cool. Here is a sampling:

Our first plane of the trip was this cute little one we had to walk out to in order to fly from Spokane to Seattle.

A standard boring plane, the kind we took between Seattle/Salt Lake and San Diego.
The view from outside our window over California farmland on the boring big plane.
This was our last plane heading back from Salt Lake to Spokane. I just like all the pretty colors...

Related to planes, are airports, and the random stuff we enjoyed at them.

Steve loved his first few breaths of fresh(ish, we are in San Diego!) warm air outside the San Diego Airport.

Not being quite the showman Steve is, I was not as thrilled about having my picture taken after a long flight. If you look in the background, you can see the sea of taxis which constantly surround the airport and part of the reason why Steve and I were very grateful our rental car agency shuttled us to and from the airport.
I loved that the San Diego airport had rocking chairs by some of the windows and terminals. Very homey and unexpected. Steve here is trying to look like he's deep in contemplative thought, but we all know the truth...
Another jewel from the San Diego airport was that sparrows apparently nest by terminal signs. And it looks as if the airport accomodates them that way considering the presence of the bird house...
Next we got to go pick up our little rental car, which I actually really liked, and find our hotel.

Steve loves driving a little car.

Steve informed me before I even took this picture that when we wrote the blog, the caption would be "license to be a bad driver"
Our room in the top floor at the end of the building. We were right next to the pool! And we even bought Steve some swim shorts so we could enjoy it, but we were never at the room when the day was warm enough to want to swim...

Once we got off the airplane, we had to adjust our first couple days to the drastic change in weather. These pictures are after our day at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park.

So sad to know I'll eventually be getting skin cancer.

But still very glad to be in sunny San Diego!
Last but certainly not least, Steve and I visited the San Diego Temple. Sadly, we were running on a tight schedule since we went the morning of our return flight back to Spokane, so we didn't get many good pictures of the temple. But as is the case with all Temples, it was beautiful. We loved the glass work in all the windows.
It is interesting that going to the Temple, something we both have done numerous times, presented us with perhaps the strangest experience of our trip as we accidentally found ourselves in a Spanish speaking session. Still, the Spirit there always makes Steve and I feel much closer and we always appreciate the opportunity to attend the Temple.


  1. 1. Nice U2 shirt.
    2. Nice sunburn!
    2. Always happy to see any Bronco apparel (even if Cutler is a punk).

  2. Sin duda!!! Que bien que se divertieron!

    Mis felicidades para los dos, ojala verles pronto!!


  3. Wow, it looks like you two had fun! Oh, and Nicolle dear, so sorry about the sunburn. I've never seen a sunburn that bad!
    Es muy gracioso que le pasó a un período de sesiones de habla hispana. Lástima Curtis no estaba allí para traducir. Ah, y Tyler dice que él y Nicolle puede obtener el cáncer de piel juntos. (Pregúntele a él sobre eso) Bueno, al menos que tenía un buen momento ... ¿verdad?

  4. Funny thing is that my brother and his wife are in charge of the Spanish sessions at the San Diego temple -- wish I knew you were going and I would have hooked you up. The celestial room is the best I've ever been in; the roof goes up into one of the spires that you see on the outside. Simply fascinating! Love the facial hair on Steve; it's totally sporting. And I did have a sunburn worse than what Nicolle shows while on my mission, so my condolences. Pero la experiencia es la razon por la que venimos a este mundo, no es asi?