Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mckayla's Run-In with the Law

This last Monday Mckayla's preschool went on a field trip.  I haven't gone with her on any field trips because I have our Wild One (aka Kassidy) and a baby to keep track of and feel like more of a distraction than a help.  However, Grandma and Grandpa offered to take the kids so I could focus on MG.  So, I drove Mckayla and a couple other girls to our local Courthouse to talk to a deputy from the Sheriff's department.

The kids first got to talk to the woman who runs dispatch.
 Then they got to take a look at a jail cell.  Mckayla said she thought the room looked pretty comfortable - probably because she didn't have to share it with Kassidy...
 Mckayla was the only one who was willing to climb into the driver seat.  There's a metaphor there somewhere...
 Then her and some of her classmates checked out the back seat, and we hope that's the only experience she ever has in the back of a law enforcement vehicle.
 Mckayla is not shy, so she enjoyed talking to the deputy.
I love that Mckayla's preschool class did this.  It's so important for children to see law enforcement officers as helpers who they can go to in time of need and not be afraid of.  The officer was really kind to the kids and they had a lot of fun during their brief visit.

My favorite moment came during our short drive back to preschool.  Mckayla was asking lots of questions and I was trying to field them.  Suddenly Mckayla went quiet and then I heard her whisper to one of her classmates, "My mom is really smart."  Where I am often doubted until Dad reinforces what I have said, it was a great thing to hear she thinks I know what I'm talking about.

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