Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

Alright, so this blog was originally meant to keep family that lived far from us up to date on all the fun things the kids were doing.  Well, we still have half our family far from us, so although this blog is literally years behind, I am going to try and get back at it.  My problem in the past was trying to catch up.  I realized that getting back to blogging is more important than trying to catch everything up from the last year and a half or so, so I am starting today and trying to keep it current instead.  With that being said, here are the fun things we did for Easter.

We started with an egg hunt on Saturday.  The big girls had been at a birthday party, and Kassidy had refused to nap, as had a teething Gavin, so if you wonder why everyone looks tired... They were.  We tried to split up the big girls and Kassidy to make sure Kassidy got her share of more readily apparent eggs.  Instead, Kassidy was - well, Kassidy.  She threw a fit and refused to get any eggs in her section because she wanted to go be with the big girls.  She wouldn't even pick up this egg right in front of her, or the others she ran to and then ran away from frustrated...
Mckayla found eggs on the porch.  We were at Grandma and Grandpa's since they like - have a yard.
 Kassidy was much happier when we gave up and let her go to the big girls' section and just dropped some of her eggs there.
 Ellie finding some of the more hidden eggs.
 Kassidy was finally content to go find eggs in her section when it wasn't a requirement.  I love that girl...
 Mckayla excited that she found one of the four "mismatched eggs" which had a little bit of change in them.  That girl is so excited about money right now.
 Grandma had gotten each of the girls "winder-rounders" and they enjoyed playing with those for a while once they had collected all the eggs.
 Ellie with her "winder-rounder."
 You can't tell in these pictures, but the wind was blowing and those things were spinning FAST.
  It was such a beautiful spring day!  Even if the wind was a bit chilly.
During this time the guys were content to hang out on the porch.  I love this picture of three generations of Bennett men.  
 Daddy and his boy.
 Gavin meeting Kingston.
 Our happy little guy.
That pretty well took care of Saturday's fun for us.  

Sunday we had a pretty busy day where we had a TERRIBLE night with MG being overly tired from the birthday party and waking up crying till she was hyperventilating and scared she couldn't breathe.  And, I was teaching Relief Society...  But, we did manage to get a few quick pictrures of the kids all dressed up in their Easter best before church.

Because things were so frantic in the morning we didn't end up doing baskets until after church.  As a result they were a bit rushed so we could get to dinner at Aunt Sheri's in time, but the girls still had fun and Gavin got some treats and a couple small things too.  Here the girls were excitedly watching Daddy bring out their baskets.
 The big girls got fishing poles as they are so excited to go fishing this summer.  They also got some small toys and treats.  I forgot to get pictures of their baskets ahead of time this year...
 Mckayla was excited about her striped socks and about getting some new shirts that aren't hand-me-downs.
 Kassidy must have shouted "I got my own panda!" for a solid 5 minutes.  It was glorious...
 Ellie clearly didn't read the box to realize it was a puzzle before she opened it and was pretty excited.
 And here's Gavin showing off his new Broncos tie and rattle.
 The big girls were excited to take a picture with their new stuffed animals.

 This year was a little strange with unknown territory for us as we have never done anything with the Easter Bunny before and the big girls suddenly had a great deal of interest in what the Easter Bunny brought.  It did lead us to a good laugh though when I was explaining to Ellie that we do our egg hunt on Saturday to have more time to focus on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday - the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - and that actually helps take some pressure off the Easter Bunny.  At which she responded, "Yeah, they do egg hunts on Sunday in Canada probably."  Goofy girl.

Also, one of my many accidental traditions that I love - here are the kids' baskets that their Easter gifts come in each year.  We added Gavin's basket this year, and I love that they are all hand-decorated with ribbon, but all different too.

 So, that was our Easter.  We hope you all had a great day and got to reflect on the joy that we can have from the miracle of the Resurrection of the Savior.  We are so grateful to know that He lives!

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