Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kassidy's Birthday

One tradition in our family is that on their birthday, our kids get to go choose a place to get some ice cream (or often frozen yogurt).  Well, Kassidy's birthday was on Sunday when we don't shop, so we decided to go out Saturday to get her birthday treat.  Then we had a rather dramatic dinner where I fought for a solid half hour to get Kassidy to eat one bite of meatball - literally - and when I had decided we weren't going, Kassidy finally took a bite.  Welcome to life with Kassidy...  By now it was getting late, so we just headed to one of our closest ice cream shops.  

The girls each chose a flavored sherbet, watermelon and lime.
 Gavin decided to celebrate being 8 months old by trying butterscotch milkshake with Daddy and LOVED it after a hesitant first bite.
 Kassidy loved her watermelon ice cream.
 The big girls being goofy to show us their colored tongues.

Then today Kassidy picked her dress out for church and I got her ready to go.  She looked so cute I grabbed a few pictures of our birthday girl.  Actually, I took a lot of pictures of a very wiggly Kassidy...

After church Kassidy's nursery leaders gave her a gift, and they hit it out of the park with a stuffed stegosaurus.  She is definitely our dinosaur girl.  We also gave her a new outfit as a small gift where she will get her gifts from us at her birthday party.  Again, she got a "dinosaur skeletons!" shirt as she is so in love with all things dino right now.
 After dinner we just did a small treat, so she had candles in chocolate pudding.  It was fun to think back to when she hated all chocolate as a baby.  She was so excited to sing happy birthday to herself.

A couple fun Kassidy quotes as of late.  When I took Gavin's helmet off for a break this evening she brought the helmet to me and told me "He wants to be an astronaut." This is the way she has looked at his helmet the whole time, and especially at first it helped us to not feel so bad about his helmet that he was being an astronaut.  Today she also found a piece of paper I was practicing watercolors on for her birthday gift and she saw the bleeding colors and promptly announced, "Uh-oh... The rainbow is broken!"  That girl sure does come up with fun ways to look at things.

Kassidy is often so challenging for us.  That remains true.  She is so fun when she is fun, but is much less mature and yet more independent than her sisters were at the same age.  We have lots of fits but lots of laughs and snuggles too.  I love watching her excitedly bounce over and over when she is so happy about the smallest things in life.  We sure do love our little ginger!  Happy 3rd birthday to our Kassidy-Coo!

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