Sunday, December 15, 2013

Halloween Week Festivities

Our Halloween festivities kind of spread across the entire week of Halloween, so I figured I would simply make them all one post.

On Monday the 27th we took the girls to our local library's Halloween party and story time.  Ellie loves our librarian Miss Carol, but misses story time due to preschool now, so we figured Ellie would like seeing Miss Carol and participating in the crafts and story reading that night.  They had lots of crafts for the kids to make, but Ellie just enjoyed making and eating the cookie spider and a couple of other spider related crafts.  She definitely does not get her interest in spiders from me...

Here are the pictures I took of the girls in their costumes that night.  I realized after the fact that we'd forgotten to draw Ellie's nose and whiskers on, but no big deal because she will dress up several more times, right?  Except that these ended up being the only pictures I ever got of her in her costume... Mom of the year, I know...  So, just imagine she has a little black cat nose and three black whiskers on each cheek and you've got it!

The girls enjoying pretzels and oreos from the spiders they made.

 Ellie showing off her Katerina Kitty-Cat (character from her favorite PBS show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) costume we put together.
 This is who Ellie was, only after not being able to find a green dress we decided to go for the episode where Katerina wears her teal leotard and a pink tutu instead....  Ellie loves being a ballerina anyway...
 Book time with Daddy!

On Tuesday we had our ultrasound, and tried like crazy to catch the end of our ward Halloween party.  We even had the girls at the ultrasound in costume.  And of course, showed up long enough for Ellie to run around with other kids, Mckayla to flirt with a lady in our ward, Steve to help clean up, and me to scarf down some chili in the last 5 minutes of the party...  Oh well...

The girls also decorated their pumpkins Tuesday night.  We had actually gotten the girls pumpkins at the orchard where we picked apples earlier in the month, but being late in the season the pickings were slim and they only had large pumpkins left.  Ellie really wanted a tiny pumpkin, but we knew she'd get to pick one up at her field trip later in the month.  These the the pictures of the girls' pumpkins from the orchard though, which they painted and picked faces for thanks to a package from Grandma and Papa Bennett.

Ellie managed to streak her face while painting...big surprise. And you can see her very faded leftovers of a nose and whiskers.
 I love this "am I going to get in trouble for touching this?" face of Mckayla's.
 She was so excited that she could touch and play with her pumpkin!
 Their final masterpieces.  Ellie chose a cat - shocker!  And Mckayla chose random face pieces as I held all the eyes, noses, and ears in front of her in turn.  We tried to get Mckayla to finger paint, but that didn't work out at all as she just got mad that I wouldn't let her eat the paint.  Ellie, however, was not content till she'd used every paint color all over her pumpkin.

Wednesday is normally not a preschool day for Ellie, but due to high demand that was the only day that her preschool group could go to the pumpkin patch for their field trip.  So on Wednesday the 30th Ellie, Mckayla, and I joined Teacher Tammy and her older and younger preschool classes at a local produce/gift shop here that puts on a fall festival each year.  Ellie on their train with her best buddy Addi.
The kids got sugary juice and cookies for a snack, ran around a mini hay maze, climbed on some hay bales, looked at some farm animals in a "petting zoo" that was more just to look at for them, and rode a tractor out to pick their own pumpkins out of a field of pre-picked tiny pumpkins just their size.

Ellie took FOREVER as every pumpkin was "too heavy!" or too huge, etc... Keep in mind the biggest pumpkin would not have been large enough to sell in a grocery store chain...  She finally decided on this, the tiniest pumpkin we could find, and by far the smallest of anyone in our group, even 1 year old younger siblings of her classmates...
 We also treated ourselves to a lunch at the store there - too expensive for everyday but delicious!  Mckayla and I shared my delicious turkey and veggie sandwich (standard craving for me this pregnancy) and Ellie decided she wanted a chicken Caesar salad.  It was huge, but I snacked on it some too and salads are cheap...  I love that she loves salad.
 This is how Mckayla spent most the the day out and about.

After all that fun, all that was left was Halloween.  You'd think I'd remember pictures on this day, but you'd be wrong because of all that we had going that day.  Ellie had to be in costume for her preschool party that morning, after which we came home, grabbed lunch, and napped both girls because we had to be at Mckayla's one year check-up that afternoon.  These were Ellie's Halloween treats for preschool.  I thought they came out cute.  Thank goodness for internet searches when it comes to themed preschool treats!

After quick naps, we packed costumes with us and headed to the doctor's.  I forgot the camera at home.  After the appointment we were running behind, so we headed to the mall (not our initial plan) for some quick trick-or-treating, toddler style.  Ellie loved it, and Mckayla got lots of compliments on what a cute boy she was... Blue monster, first thought, not worth correcting with total strangers over and over...

After the mall we headed home to do some quick rounds covering just a block or two of our house, but there were a ton of trick-or-treaters around the house and the only candy we had was in Ellie's bucket, so we didn't even go in the house, just parked the car and left - still no camera.  After a few houses - enough to give Ellie the whole trick-or-treating experience but not too many for a toddler, we got back in the car and headed to Walmart to get candy for the kids in our neighborhood who were still out and about.  Here was the only place with enough light to get a cellphone picture, so here is my one costumed picture on Halloween - trying to capture the chocolate mouth ring Mckayla had since she was so tired only slowly feeding her M&Ms got us through Walmart...

By the time we got home, the girls were so tanked we just stripped them down and got them to bed, no pictures.  Oh, and no trick-or-treaters either, of course...  I told myself I'd dress them up for pictures in a day or two, but it didn't happen.  So, once again, I fail, but I decided the pictures we had would suffice for this year.  Anyway, it was a busy but fun week.  Ellie is still asking when Halloween is and what her and Mckayla might be next year.  I have to say, even with all the chaos, as Ellie gets older, holidays are MUCH more fun.

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