Monday, December 23, 2013

Disney Rockin' Ever After

So, I got to go on the most fun Mommy-Daughter date with Ellie on November 2nd.  Steve and I kept hearing ads on the radio for a Disney on Ice show coming to our area, but tickets started at $20 and up, and for a 3 year old, that's just more than we could justify.  However, a young male co-worker won tickets at our all-staff meeting at the end of October.  I decided to be bold and offer to take them if he didn't know anyone who would want them.  And he agreed!  I was soooo grateful!  The best part was thy weren't tickets, they were vouchers.  This meant that I went to the ticket office and chose the show that worked for us that had the best seats available and got over $120 worth of tickets for free for Ellie and I to go enjoy the show.  So, we got to sit just off center in the 4th row of seats.  They were great seats and Ellie could see everything!

So Saturday evening Ellie and I headed out to the arena in town.  We got there a little early so we could eat and get settled before the show.  Ellie enjoyed her kid's meal rip-off (hey, enjoy a special event, right?) with her hot dog, capri-sun, and fruit roll-up.  
 Then we went and picked out her prize for the occasion.  She wanted a light up toy that was cheap-o and expensive, but I convinced her she could pick out a stuffed animal or toy instead and she settled on this bear from Brave.  (We had watched the movie Brave the night before to gear up for our adventure.)
 We also got her all dressed up in her princess shirt, Repunzel dress, sparkly shoes, and a necklace she picked out so she could feel like a princess.

This was Ellie's favorite part - Under the Sea.  She was so excited when she saw Sebastian, Flounder, Ariel, etc.  Once again, it helps that this movie came out recently and she had seen it an fallen in love with it in October.
 The picture doesn't do it justice, but I have to admit, this was the coolest part.  During "Under the Sea" they had people dressed up as and controlling tons of sea creatures and then went down to black light and everything fluoresced.  It was neat.
 Ellie was so captivated the whole time.  She did awesome, and I had soooo much fun watching her and being a part of her joy in the experience.

Daddy and Mckayla had fun going out to eat fish and chips while they were having their own special time.

When Ellie and I finally got home it was way past her bedtime, but she loved telling Daddy in very fast speech all about our night.  The orange soda may have helped her along...  We had such fun, and Ellie was hilarious in the car to and from the arena singing, saying funny things, and just being a hoot to be around just the two of us.

The following week we made cinnamon rolls and Ellie helped decorate this Thank You card for Jordan, the young man who gave us the tickets.  I don't know how we could have possibly thanked him for the awesome experience it was for Ellie and I to enjoy our special day together, but this was our attempt.
I will be so grateful for such a long time that we had the opportunity to spend special time one-on-one in a way that was so exciting for Ellie.

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