Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spokane Trip: Riverfront Park July 10th

On Tuesday, July 10th, Julie, Charlie, the kids, and I met up with our Mom downtown at Riverfront Park in Spokane.  We took all the kids to the park and tried to get some cousin pictures.  We were going to let them play on the playground and giant slide there, but it was SO HOT that the playground equipment was way too hot for the kids to play on.  Instead, we walked around the park, rode the train that tours the park, and then took the kids on the carousel to top off our day.  Then, because we were downtown, we had to hit Auntie's Books (LOVE).  Then we took some hot, exhausted kids home for naps.  Here are some of the highlights from the day.

Trying to get all 4 kids to look at us so we could grab a picture on the City of Spokane blocks with the famous clock tower in the background.

 A picture of all the grandkids (minus those on the way) with Grandma Moon.

 The three of us sisters.  This picture makes me laugh.  Charlie had been in Juneau, AK and was dying of heat.  I am pregnant, and was dying of heat.  Julie came from Okinawa Japan and was cold more often than she was hot.

Charlie and her two kids, Kirsten and Nathan, waiting for the train to take us to the carousel.

Ellie enjoying her milk.  Julie and I were stuffing as many fluids down her as we could.

See what I mean?  She was excited about having her own big girl water bottle here.

And here.  Although this was also part enjoying the train ride.  She LOVED the train!

This is the train that takes people around the park.

All of us on the train minus Julie who was taking the picture.

My girl and I.

The train took us to the carousel where each of the kids took a ride or two.  Wyatt was excited and interested while sitting here on his stationary tiger until the carousel started - then he hated it.

 Similarly, Ellie was SUPER excited about her first ride on the giraffe that stayed still, until it got fully up to speed.  The Spokane carousel is one of the fastest carousels...  But after, she insisted she wanted to ride one of the horses that goes up and down, so we did.  And she liked the up and down until we also started going fast again.  And then she doubly hated it.

 Everyone who rode the carousel the second time.

After that, our parking meters were expiring, the two youngest kids were both WAY past naps, and we were all hot, so it was time to head back to AC.  We hit the book store and Julie and I took the two youngest ones home for naps.  But it certainly made for a fun morning!

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