Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oregon Coast Weekend: July 19th

We decided one weekend to be spontaneous and go to the Oregon Coast for the weekend.  We knew it was about our last chance to take a family vacation after spending all our summer shooting to Preston and Spokane for family events and having more coming up.  Don't get me wrong, we LOVED seeing so much family this summer, but we knew this was about our last chance to go take a vacation as our little family once summer school was over and working around my summer work schedule.

So, the weekend of July 19th through the 21st we headed West.  Our first stop was the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon.  Ellie loves animals - and so do we.  Here are a few of our better pictures.  

Starting out from the Durango after having a picnic of sandwiches in the car.

Ellie really liked the hippos.  It took some convincing to get her to move on to another animal rather than stay and watch them poke their heads out of the water repeatedly.

Ellie's other favorite animal of the day was the zebra.  Why?  No idea.  But she loved it.

I just thought these guys were gorgeous.

 Ellie and Daddy finding birds in the aviary.

We left the zoo and got to our destination at Beverly Beach State Park fairly late.  We set up our tent site, made dinner, and then headed down to the beach.  We were excited to show Ellie the ocean again after she LOVED the beach so much last summer.  It was pretty cool and dark by the time we got down there, but still always fun to see the ocean.  This is the little bridge/overpass that we hiked under from our campground over to the beach.  It was nice to have the water so close.

 We were all pretty tired, so after it got dark we headed back to camp.  It was a rough first night trying to get Ellie to sleep in a sleeping bag for the first time, and I think all 3 of us finally got to sleep some time after midnight, and I could tell I was pregnant and sleeping on the ground, but we woke up in the morning excited for another day at the ocean!

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