Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spokane Trip: July 8th BBQ

When my sisters were in town in July, we also had a barbecue for my Dad's side of the family to get together and visit.  We all gathered at Dad and Kerry's house and had a fun day visiting, eating, and watching Steve be a giant kid with all the younger ones.  Just from the people we stole pictures from we have several HUNDRED photos from this day, so here are just a few of the ones of our immediate family since I figure that's what most people who check this blog are interested in.

Dad, Kerry, my sister Julie, and I enjoying the shade.  It was HOT.  I spent most of my day in this part of the yard as a result.  Pregnant women and hot weather are not exactly friends.

Ellie and my nephew, Nate.  Ellie was playing "Goldilocks" enjoying sitting in all the kid chairs in turn, but couldn't sit still in any one for more than about 30 seconds.  It was WAY past nap time when everyone showed up and she got excited about playing.

Ellie playing by the pool.  It was cold, fresh hose water, so we didn't put her in, but she enjoyed getting plenty wet from the sidelines.
So did Steve.  He ended up more wet than any of the kids I think between all the water fights he had with all of the different kids.  But, all the kids loved it - including the big kid in this picture.

Taking a break to help Ellie look at the fish over in the pond.  She hasn't tried to fall in - yet - but she's still not allowed over there on her own.

Julie and I enjoying another shady spot on the back porch and watching the kids play.

Daddy and his girl.  Man I love how much these two love each other.

This was about the last photo Ellie was in for the day.  Why?  Because everyone was shouting and clapping to get all the kids to look at once, and Ellie is not a fan whenever that happens - especially hours after nap.  She had a total meltdown and napped for the rest of the barbecue.  But, we did get a cute picture of all the youngest second cousins that were at the barbecue.  Kirsten, Wyatt, Nathan, Angelia, Ellie, Hayden, and Javan (ages 8 to 1)

 The other main group shot - the one older second cousin and all of us cousins (minus spouses etc) who came to the barbecue.  

And of course one of the four of us girls lined up oldest to youngest.

Lastly, Steve and I enjoying our Sunday food after he changed so he could tell the kids he was finally all done getting wet.

Yup, it was a lot of fun to see family and to watch all the younger second cousins play together where they pretty much fill the range of ages to play together.  It was a great day and a great reason to see lots of family and enjoy good food together.

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