Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family Photos

We had a local photographer take our family pictures back on November 19th. Of course the weather was windy and cold and wet, so we ended up with my hair all crazy a lot of the time and poor Ellie only lasted about 15 minutes, but we still ended up with some cute pictures. Here are most our decent pictures.

We started out with pictures of just the two of us so Ellie could stay warm in the car.

Then we got Ellie out of the car and got some CUTE pictures of her on her own.
Did I mention it was cold? Yeah. It was.

And then family shots.
This was actually at the very end of the shoot trying to warm up an unhappy baby.

This is probably my favorite of the family shots.

So there you go family, new pictures for you. It was fun working with this photographer, so we'll probably use her again since she's so reasonably priced, but next time we'll wait until a time when we won't have to fight the weather so much! But, I'm still glad we got some pictures of Ellie at this age when she is so much fun. Mission accomplished.

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