Saturday, December 3, 2011


We are so excited! Ellie started taking a few steps at a time on her own the last couple weeks, which was a relief after about a six week plateau. Then this morning I was watching Ellie noticing she kept taking those couple of steps which we normally only get once or twice every couple of days. And again. And again. She was walking around me on the couch taking steps around me to get back to the couch. And I thought, this is awesome. She's walking a lot today!

Then she moved over to the coffee table. And started doing laps around it - that's new. And then those laps started to have a few steps in them. And then she was walking the straightaways of our oval coffee table with her hand hovering above the table. And then she did a whole lap of the table with starts and stops without ever getting down or touching anything! We were jumping up and down like idiots at this point...

A few minutes later I walk over to the hallway and see her walking down the hallway! She probably practiced walking around the living room, hallway, and coffee table for a solid 15 or 20 minutes today! We were giddy by the time she got tired and I realized I should grab the camera. But, she did let us get one walk on video before her nap. And here it is! With a little preview of her crawling and doing her famous knee-walking to begin with.

Now that you've watched our girl, go back and enjoy watching her Daddy jumping up and down in the background. You'd think that little girl is loved or something.

Now we have to decide if she keeps progressing what to do since the people we were referred to by the local developmental center are supposed to come evaluate her Friday - since she can't walk yet. Hmmm..... This little girl just loves making us look like we have no idea what we're doing. And to be fair..... She's pretty much correct on that one.

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