Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Break Part I: Spokane

This year was our year to spend Christmas in Spokane. We headed up on the night of the 21st after I got off work and stayed until the morning of the 27th when we headed to Preston. It was a great trip and we got totally spoiled. Our only down side was that Ellie got sick a few days before we left, and we thought she had Roseola. Then we found sores all over her mouth the night we hit Spokane and eventually found out she had Gingivostomatitis which was basically her body over reacting the first time she was around someone with a cold sore. The joys of the mall play center.... Anyway, here she was one morning in her squirrel jammies Grandma Kerry got her to make fun of Steve and his history with Kerry and squirrels. Got to love crazy hair, but the bright red inflamed gums are sad. Fortunately she started to feel better around Christmas Eve and was completely healed up around New Years.

We tried to get lots of pictures of the cousins together - mostly for family who would want to see them, so here are Ellie and Wyatt later that day with her hair tamed some.
And here is Wyatt working on watching the world go by. He's a pretty calm little guy.

Here Ellie is in her Christmas dress Grandma Kerry had for her to wear. You like the empty milk jug? She carried that thing everywhere all Christmas morning until we opened presents.
Not a happy Elf to have us make her pose for a picture.... When she's a teenager we're in trouble when she already has looks that can kill...
Ellie and Wyatt playing together. She was so sweet with him a lot of the time. She was so frustrated that she couldn't play with him for the first couple days he was there because we wanted to keep her from getting him sick.
She really liked to go and softly rest her head against his.... Favorite sweet Ellie and Wyatt moment: Wyatt was crying as Jen put him in his car seat and Ellie looked concerned for a minute and then went and got her toy phone (a favorite prized possession) and gave it to him in his car seat and patted him softly to comfort him. So sweet.

Later in the morning after we'd had Christmas breakfast we got started with stockings. This is Ellie wearing her new jewelry from her stocking. She loves jewelry right now.
I think this is our only picture of the three of us on Christmas - opening our stockings.
Steve's favorite present - a gag gift from my parents. Of course he had to model them. You cannot embarrass this man.
My sister Jennifer and her son Wyatt after opening stockings.
Then we got down to the serious business of opening presents. Ellie was so spoiled that we kept her rolling and going from gift to gift to try and keep her going. She had a lot to open... It was so cute though because she would toss any clothes she opened over her shoulder - notice the pile behind us - but any toys she would immediately stop and say "help! help!" and want us to open it so she could play instead of open presents.
We aren't THAT mean - and eventually opened all her presents up so she could play. This cracked me up because she got a my first purse set and knew to hold the mirror up in front of her while she put lipstick on which is awesome since I don't even own lipstick. Wonder if she's been watching Daddy get ready in the morning?
She decided that Mr. and Mrs. Potato head glasses are perfect for little girls to wear.
This isn't an especially impressive picture, but there's a funny story that goes with it. Steve and I had agreed no Christmas presents till we saw our budget after Christmas, but I thought that was lame, so when his old room mate Dan told me about a gift idea for him, I got it. Steve figured out that I'd gotten him something, so he found me these beautiful pearl earrings for Christmas, and guaranteed me of their price - and that I wouldn't believe him when I opened my gift. So he took this picture hoping to get me making angry faces at him, and instead got this. Then 5 seconds later he pointed out the Mikimoto tag on them and got angry faces after all, just not on camera.
This was our first indicator that Ellie was feeling much better. She went and chowed down on chex mix with Grandpa till he cut the both of them off.
Christmas night on my Mom's side everyone goes to my Grandfather's house. We went for a while and visited with family and saw my Mom. Here she is with Wyatt.
On the 26th we also went out to breakfast with my Mom and went to the mall and let Ellie play there for a while. We did take pictures, but unfortunately all on my Mom's camera. I need to steal those at some point....

And lastly, another cousin picture after the Christmas party back at Dad and Kerry's. PS - getting a toddler and a baby to look at the camera, look decent, and stay in focus: almost impossible.
Anyway, we had a fabulous first half to our break! Thank you to my parents for putting up with us and spoiling us throughout the week! We love you!

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