Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Surprise! Babies!

Steve got a call from the high school janitor today. She informed us that we had babies in the classroom which we might want to come look at. Huh???

Ok, I have to say that I told Steve I was concerned about one of the guinea pigs a couple of weeks ago because I hadn't seen them in a while and all of a sudden she had gotten really fat! Then while I was cleaning in the classroom yesterday I noticed she looked HUGE! But, we had been told that both guinea pigs were females, and Steve checked and didn't see any obvious male genitalia, so we figured she was just enjoying her food.

WRONG! Turns out, to be fair to Steve (who was worried about his reputation as an almost-vet and biology teacher for a while) that guinea pigs are HARD to sex! This is in thanks to both small and internal equipment. Enough said. Steve's reputation is intact.

Anyway, we went in today, to see 1 day old baby guinea pigs! We have 3 and they look just like their mama. They are already so big and so cute! I can't believe they're only one day old! So, needless to say, the male is now in a separate cage, we are looking for a new home for him so we don't have more babies (especially since we think he is one of the mom's from a previous brood but can't be sure as they were dropped off in Steve's class one day), and in 3 or 4 weeks will be looking for new homes for these three cute little guys! Anyone want a pet guinea pig?
In other news, we have decided that Steve's classroom is a long-lost and far-removed little bit of the South. This makes 3 inbred baby guinea pigs and 3 inbred lady gouldian finch chicks we've had pop up in the last 2 months... So if you want any inbred pets... Give us a call.


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