Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Loving Memory: Jan E. Ross

On May 23 my grandmother Jan Ross passed away. Although our family misses her, I remind myself that it was a blessing for her after suffering through a series of strokes and declining health over a number of years. She was a great lady.

On June 11 family and friends gathered together at the Nazarene church she was a part of in Kellogg, Idaho where she lived. This blog is mostly to share pictures with family from that day. These are some of the better ones we took.

These pictures are of the flower arrangements that people brought to remember Grandma by. They were beautiful flowers.

It was nice that the pastor who spoke at and directed the funeral knew Grandma so well. He shared some family stories about her clumsiness, like slamming her own nose in the fridge, and her love for other people. My favorite part, and the thing I will remember most about Jan was when he spoke of the mischief that always seemed present in her eyes. My grandmother was a spunky lady. I remember her telling me stories of playing basketball when she was younger (when girls could just start to play) and of de-pantsing girls during games when they made her mad...

It was a nice service and afterward the Nazrene church women were kind enough to serve a luncheon. After lunch we tried to get pictures of family as it isn't very often everyone gets together. I wish we'd gotten pictures with everyone, but unfortunately all the pictures are of direct family with all of the spouses taking pictures.

Grandma's five children.
All of the cousins who were there (minus spouses).All of the first and second cousins there.All of the cousins next to their parent.
And here are a few of the random shots I got which turned out well enough to share.

My cousin Tammy, her son Javan, and his "me doll" that he made at school.
I loved that Hayden only wanted to play on the ground in his nice suit.My second cousin Javan with his Grandpa Rick.
Then we all went to the cemetery to see where Grandma's ashes would be placed. It's a beautiful cemetery with a very pretty view.
This is where Grandma's ashes will be. She is the first in this particular structure, but will have a name plaque on the top right hand corner place.
And lastly, a few more random shots of family.

Dad, Kerry, and Jen.The two little boys wanted to run and play, and Steve is always willing to oblige and distract kids. Here he is playing with Javan (Hayden didn't want to be picked up).Hayden reconsidering his position on playing with Steve after watching for a while. He eventually was asking to be picked up and chased along with Javan.Steve and his boys.
All in all, it was a sad reason to come together as family, but a nice day to spend with loved ones. Grandma Jan was a great lady who will be missed, but we are glad that she is no longer in pain. Steve and I are so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to help us understand trials as they come and bring us peace and comfort when we miss the ones we love.

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