Sunday, March 1, 2009

The central conflict of our marriage....REVEALED!

That's right, football. However I count myself lucky, our marital conflict over football is atypical. In most marriages the conflict is about the husband watching too much football, in our marriage it is all about what teams we cheer for. Nicolle cheers for the Colts, and I am such a Broncomaniac that I refer to John Elway as the "Great Prophet."

So why the conflict? For those of unfamiliar with the NFL its really quite simple. When the Broncos and the Colts play its about as much of a contest as a war between Germany and France, as much of a contest as between a bug and the sole of your shoe, or about as fair as how the mainstream media portrays the Republican party (yes, this is Steve writing this blog entry).

About every other year, the Broncos and the Colts play. I go into the game excited thinking that maybe that one player the Broncos picked up in the offseason will be enough. However, gameday always plays out the same way. The Broncos show some hope, and then the Colts slaughter them. Nicolle and I usually watch the game in silence. Nicolle's being a good wife trying to contain her glee at her team strolls to yet another victory. I sit in silence trying to be a little less telestial and contain some of the multiple profanities streaming through my head. Our relationship has weathered two of these events thus far.

However, after the game we are able to remember that we still love each other and I'm a lucky guy to have a wife who loves steak AND football and will even play some Xbox with me.

Turning the drama down about 50 notches. These are some pics of our new NFL gear. New jackets and hats for both of us!

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  1. You have a beard, Steve! (and there we go jumping into completely obvious)