Monday, February 16, 2009

His One Big Chance.... Gone

So, here we go, Steve's birthday! Hooray! We had ice cream cake and had a few friends over to help us eat it. Then I was sick for the next two days... lol But it was a pretty fun night. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the cake with his big 29 candles on it, but here's a picture of what is left as of tonight...

Here's Steve's big haul from his birthday and Valentine's day. Thanks everyone!

He got the most interesting cards this year... Here, for the benefit of you all, is an entertaining card from Bill and Kerry. Turn your volume up!

The only downside to this year's birthday, is what Steve realized watching Idol this week... He has missed the age limit to try out for Idol, and is perhaps wishing that he would have made one last trip as a 28-year-old... Maybe they'll let 30-year-olds try next year; we'll keep our fingers crossed!

We just know that Steve would love to hear Paula say something crazy in person, enjoy basking in Simon's sarcasm, and throw a "Dawg!" to Randy...


  1. Whoa! Steve will never be an American Idol. What a sobering thought!

  2. OMG!!! Happy Birthday Steve!! I couldn't believe it when I read that you were thirty! I never knew!! The insanity! And to hear that you can't be on America Idol is gutwrenching! What would your family say. I don't care personally, but your sisters and your mom, they will be so disappointed. (Especially the Kathy.) But then again, you want to bask in Simon's sarcasim, puleez! You better find a way to make it up to us!

  3. Payton SO has you fooled. What? we weren't inviteded! I don't think that counts for a birthday, thus you are still young enough for Idol.