Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our kids speak their first words!

Or at least the first words that we are aware of. That's the fun of nocturnal pets. For all we know the Chinchillas and Sugar Gliders could be singing lyrics from the next U2 album late at night.

Friday night we were up WAY too late and were surprised at just how vocal our gliders can be. Keena was just sitting in the cage barking up a storm. We have no idea why she was so talkative. The sound the gliders make is pretty similar to a sound the chinchillas make. Yup, we have 4 living, breathing, squeak toys in our apartment.

These videos are not of the greatest quality. That's the other fun of nocturnal pets, the sugar gliders and our camera have completely different definitions of what is adequate light. The original video was so dark it might as well just have been an audio file. I ran the video through Windows Movie Maker (yes I'm 29 and I'm a PC!) and made it so if you use your imagination you can see a sugar glider head.

The range of sounds sugar gliders can make really is interesting. When gliders are happy they make a soft purring sound just like a cat, therefore the gliders are the closet thing we will ever have to an indoor cat. Probably the most interesting sound they make is when they get upset, the sound is called crabbing and it is more like something you'd expect to hear from an insect than a mammal. This is not one of our gliders, just a clip I found on YouTube.

Oh the fun times in our apartment. At least with these kids I don't have to worry about them picking up any of my bad linguistic habits. Then again the sounds I make when I wake up in the morning aren't that far from crabbing......

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