Saturday, February 14, 2009

More on our latest aquisitions.

So, we are finally posting pictures of Steve's favorite new baby.
Here is our TV, showing one of our favorite drop-your-jaw scenes from Galapagos.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, some new pictures of the sugar gliders, now officially named Keena and Zahira. They are taking to their room quite nicely and love to come out and explore now, as the pictures show.

Apparently baths are best when hanging by two feet.

The gliders mid-jump onto the Chinchilla cage, one of their favorite places to climb.

Running across textbooks. They like to hide on top of the books on our shelf.

Keena pointing to her favorite volume of Elder Maxwell quotes.

For some reason, the best way to get a refreshing drink, is upside down...

Lastly, because we thought it would never happen, Nicolle sewing! And the finished product - a sleeping pouch for the girls. Simple, I know, but still...


  1. Sewing! Atta girl! You guys are a zoo! Wow! So great to "see" you. I am pumped I can follow you now!