Sunday, November 12, 2017

Halloween 2017

I was really sick up until just a few days before Halloween, so we ended up buying random costumes the kids liked just 4 days before Halloween.

Ellie was a tiger.
Mckayla was "an Egyptian Queen."  She was so excited about wearing make-up, and loved her "wings."  (Also, hearing Kassidy say "a-dyp-shin" always sounds bad... but funny.)
Kassidy was a pink leopard - the perfect costume for her.
Gavin was the only one who didn't get a new costume.  Each of our kids has worn this blue monster costume on their second Halloween, so he continued the tradition.
And all the kids together.  The second picture is to show a perfect example of taking pictures of our kids right now...  With Kassidy - the blur.
After Ellie got home from school on Tuesday we got all the kids together quickly and then grabbed a treat and a book at the local library.  We then went trick-or-treating at our local hospital in the assisted living wing.  Then we headed to our ward trunk-or-treat.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed chili and hot dogs once they had collected their candy.  It was getting pretty cold by that point.
Lastly, we visited a family friend and then saw Grandma and Grandpa Bennett before bringing the kids home for a snack and hot chocolate and then getting them to bed.

Oh, and that night this is How Kassidy put on her pajamas.
The next morning I heard her bedroom door open and she literally ran out.  A few minutes later she showed up looking very similar to this picture.  And weeks later, she is still completely in love with her leopard costume.  We are finally getting to the point where she isn't have melt downs when we don't let her wear it or she has to take it off to go somewhere.  Oh Kassidy...

We didn't end up doing any real trick-or-treating this year, but we still ran plenty and the kids made out like bandits and had a great night.  We had a great Halloween!

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