Sunday, April 21, 2013

The 1st Part of March and the 1st Easter

A lot of fun things happened to the Bennett Zoo in Month.

The first thing that happened in March was that we gained a niece.  My sister had her daughter Aubrey Raelyn on March 1st.

We went up to Spokane a week later and met her for the first time.  She is so tiny!  It's so strange compared to our experience with BIG babies...  Here is a picture of Mckayla and Aubrey.  Our big girl and my sister's tiny one - 4 months apart in age.  I know, right?

Here are the four cousins, each toddler with his or her little sister.

While we were in Spokane Grandma and Grandpa Rose decided it was time to have an early Easter celebration.  The kids each got a super soft blanket and cute stuffed animal, and the older kids got Easter baskets with goodies.

Then we headed out to the backyard for an egg hunt.  Ellie and her cousin Wyatt dug right in and found the eggs in no time.

Then they were excited for uninhibited access to the contents of their eggs inside.

Sunday after church we also grabbed some pictures of the girls in "Easter dresses."  Gotta love these two cute girls.

And lastly, a few general pictures from that Sunday.  Like, Ellie snuggling with Papa.

Mckayla happily playing with Daddy.

And Ellie showing off some of the cute clothes she got while we were there.  Big surprise, "Grandma Sun" got her a shirt with a bunny on it...

Yup, the first part of March was fairly eventful for us.  And fun.  Thanks Grandma and Papa for the fun time, and welcome to the family Aubrey!

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