Monday, April 22, 2013

March: The Second Act

March continued with loads of fun.  The second half of the month saw me become completely delusional and think that I could be domestic.

I started baking for one.  Something I've always been scared to try as silly as that may sound.  I learned that I can make spiced/applesauce cookies, chocolate chip banana bread muffins, apple crisp, and oatmeal cookies.  I learned not only can I bake and not burn things or make people sick, but I actually enjoy it!  Here's a picture of one of my previously mentioned batches of banana bread muffins as well as an awesome apple crisp that is so simple it's stupid.  By the way, they're amazing!

I also got crazy enough to think I was crafty.  I made these felt sea creatures for our little homemade flannel board Grandma Reva made for Ellie a while back.  They were for my Sunbeams at church (3 and 4 year olds) and my lesson on being grateful for fish and other animals that live in water.  I LOVE how they turned out, the lesson went well, and Ellie enjoys playing with them regularly.  I also remembered from when I did an after school program in Moscow, ID that I really like doing crafts!

I also finally got around to making a couple flannel board puzzles for Ellie to have and be quiet at church.  One puzzle is of the First Presidency of the Church and the other is of our local Columbia River Temple.  Ellie seems to enjoy them, and they make a great quiet activity.  Don't worry, I won't let all the crafting go to my head and think that I'm actually domestic long-term.

Other fun events in March: along the same time as the fish lesson I realized that I am really enjoying my calling - most of the time.  Mckayla started sitting sitting up for a few seconds on her own.  On the 20th, Mckayla also rolled over onto her front.  And proof that I am too used to being with a 2 year old, as soon as she rolled over I totally reached out to give her a high-five.  I know, I am awesome.  We also started introducing solid foods - most of which made her gag and make sad faces at me and eventually cry.  Here she is the day I gave up on anything but cereal.

And, the other great event of the month is in this picture too.  I know you're all going to think we're crazy, but........  we started doing cloth diapers!  And get this...  The germaphobe in me LOVES it!  They're fun, and cute, and reusable.  They're going to save us money over time, but for whatever reason, I can't explain it - I just really like them. So mock if you like, but there's something about them that just fits for me.

The end of March also brought Easter officially - obviously.  Grandma and Grandpa Bennett were here visiting before we left for Spring Break, so they got to enjoy the fun.  Saturday evening while it was nice we did Ellie's egg hunt after they'd arrived.  I didn't get great pictures because she never sat still for very long.
 She would run, find an egg, celebrate, and then say she couldn't see anymore - even though there were loads of eggs everywhere.
 Daddy and Mckayla hanging out during the egg hunt.

Watching Ellie get into her eggs and cheer about what it was each time was a LOT of fun.  Beyond the candy, she loved her "colors" for the bath, necklaces, and her ballerina socks.  She insisted on wearing a pair right away and then told us all she was going to "dance and twirl".
She once again enjoyed unlimited access to what was in her eggs - at least for a few minutes till I stepped in worried she'd get sick where she's not used to very much candy in one sitting.

Sunday we enjoyed going to church and thinking about the Savior.  And then we had the girls open their Easter Baskets.  At least, Ellie opened her basket.
Ellie's favorite parts of her basket were a little kit to grow sunflowers and this dollar store Finding Nemo book.  She LOVES all things aquatic right now, ESPECIALLY Finding Nemo.

We also got a fun gift from Grandma and Papa Bennett.  Wood plaques made from wood on the farm which had pictures of the Savior on one and pictures of the First Presidency and The Salt Lake Temple on the other.  The highlight of the whole weekend came when Ellie opened her plaques.  She looked right at the picture of the First Presidency and yelled out "President Monson!"  We didn't even know she could identify and name the prophet, but we were all so overjoyed and proud that she could!  (Oh, and technically this took place in April, but we joked at the time that we'd really be impressed when she could name President Uchtdorf - and today she did!)

Pretty much made for the perfect end to a fun and amazing month!

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