Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Last year I started what has hopefully become a nice tradition for our Valentines Days as a family. Ellie and I dress up nice and when Daddy comes home from work we make a nice dinner in. So, being clinically insane, this is how I let Ellie play all day - and miraculously managed to keep her clean.
Ellie loves these zoo animal puzzle magnets Grandma and Grandpa Bennett got her for Christmas. And seems to have figured out how to match them already! She likes the song when they're all matched up....
This is how I looked waiting for Steve to get home.
And this was my nice Valentines gift from Steve. We'd agreed not to get any big gifts for each other, but I didn't mind getting flowers in the least bit.
We went out and about after Steve got home, planning to get Ellie something small and a few supplies for dinner. We had planned to get Ellie a balloon as she loves seeing them at stores, but she was tired and for some reason terrified of the big character Valentines balloons at Walmart. So, we found a book she LOVES and has us read at least daily called "Elmo Loves You". And that was her gift.

Oh the differences between Steve and my dinners that night. Here is what Steve ate: king crab and steak. I know there's asparagus on his plate, but I ended up eating it. He figured why waste room with good asparagus when there was meat to be had.
Here is what I ate: steak, potatoes, and asparagus.
Ellie enjoyed a few bites of steak and asparagus but was pleased with her cheesy baked potato.

After dinner we tried to grab a quick family photo before Ellie ran wild.
And talk about going wild, she went positively native! She even started cooking her beloved Elmo! She still loves Elmo, but when it comes to trying to choose between cooking and playing with Elmo, why choose at all?

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