Friday, December 3, 2010


As Steve only had a couple of days off work for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to go and spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma in Spokane. We always love visiting family and it was great to spend time relaxing.

We have let Ellie try little tastes of things in the past, just a tiny bit on our finger tip of things like soft-serve ice cream, chocolate pudding, etc. However, Ellie isn't supposed to eat solids till she's 4-6 months old, but we figured that in the spirit of Thanksgiving we would try giving Ellie some mashed potatoes as every kid seems to like them - so we've been told as we obviously lack that experience.Ellie staring down the mashed potatoes in her "my first Thanksgiving" outfit Grandma Kerry got for her.Now for the video, which most of the experienced parents out there probably expected - mashed potatoes did not go over well. We know, silly parents, all she has had so far has been sweet. When we put her on actual solids in a few weeks, we'll keep this in mind.

And what comes after a Thanksgiving feast? A nap where Mommy and Ellie both crash.
And as soon as you've eaten leftovers once, everyone starts thinking about Christmas. Grandma Kerry got Ellie a Christmas dress and needed pictures before we left, so we had a little photo shoot.
And guess who showed up??? Santa!
Or maybe not... Steve says that Ellie gave him such a confused look when his voice was coming from a totally different looking face.
And, once we got home, our tree was already up and waiting for us. Ok, so I may have been excited when we got our first full-sized tree the weekend before and put this up the Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving. Before you all cry blasphemy, I have an excuse that even made Steve ok with this. We're going to be visiting family for all of the holiday season and I wanted to be able to enjoy our tree for more than two weeks between trips. So up it went!
Thanks to my Dad and Kerry for a great Thanksgiving trip! They also got Ellie a fantastic new convertible car seat which will make our holiday travels much nicer for everyone. We loved spending Ellie's first Thanksgiving with them and are always grateful for the hospitality and generosity of both our families!

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