Friday, December 3, 2010

Lots of Ellie Videos

So this blog is basically just playing catch up on some of the cute videos we've taken of Ellie in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, between my being too slow to grab the camera at times, and the fact that Ellie is always distracted by the camera and tends not to react as much and go spacey while it's on her, none of these are the greatest videos of what we're talking about, but at least they give you a sense of the joys of Ellie.

This first one is supposed to show how focused Ellie gets on her night-time stories. This girl LOVES her books. She stares at the pages, tracks the books when we move them to turn the pages, and sometimes joins in the telling of the story by adding her own side comments. This night she was a little floppy and distracted, but you still get the basic idea.

Next we have the kicking game. If Ellie is upset, you can almost always make her smile and stop crying by doing this with her legs. Even on her stomach! Too bad she appears to either be taking a break from this game or outgrowing it. Either way, I'm glad we got it on video, even if she's not smiling nearly as big as usual.

Next, laughing! This video makes me both very happy and very sad. Happy, because I love to hear Ellie laugh and she's not doing it all that often still and I'm glad we got her early laughing on video. Sad because Steve had her laughing hard for like 5-10 seconds at a time right before this and I didn't even think about videoing it until he told me to get the camera and she's already had her best laughs. But still cute! Enjoy the winding down part of this game with the ever entertaining Daddy.

Lastly, our video of her falling asleep in the jumperoo. I love the random movements as she fights to stay awake, as well as the hand sucking. Oh yeah, and that's our Christmas tree!

Do you see how we can't help but be in love with this adorable funny girl?!

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