Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Little Things

I've been thinking the last couple of days about all the cute little things Ellie currently does, and all the little things I love about her that make my day. And as we yet again go through her clothes she's outgrown, I realize many of these quirky habbits will probably soon be gone and I want to remember them. So here is my record.

I love that when Ellie nurses she almost always crosses her ankles as it seems so prim and ladylike.... I also love that she almost always grabs my collar with her top hand and holds it while she eats.

It always makes my day no matter what time of the day or night when I go into Ellie's room to get her and when she realizes I'm there she just gives me this big smile like she knows I'm there to fix whatever is wrong. This is made doubly fun when she is then happy and chatters at me while I change her.

By the way, another thing I love that Ellie does right now: chatter, coo, and gurgle! She sometimes gets really wound up and loud too now, but only every once in a while and never while I am recording! I have a video of this I've tried to post twice, each time literally letting it load for hours without success. I'll try again when the internet is better...

Other things I love that Ellie does: Look freaking adorable in anything she wears!
Don't mind the bow in the center of her head, she'd been crying and rubbing her head while she was upset, so it got moved around a bit...
Also, pull on her headbands and hats. I know, there's proof of this in other blogs, but the latest development is that she frequently keeps pulling until this:becomes this:
I love that when she is happy she goes through about 6 different smiles instead of staying with one, and that frequently the first smile is a crooked, head-moving one like this: (notice slightly blurry thanks to the head moving part...)
She also cracks me up when she sleeps anywhere, in any position. For instance, the swing is supposed to put her to sleep, and gets used mostly when she's grumpy and wants to be in motion and we're finally tired of bouncing her. However, I don't usually expect to find her head at this angle when I come check on her... I know Dad, she is truly her mother's daughter in this regard.
Speaking of sleep, I hate that she's been sick a few different times lately, but love what a trooper she's been. And as much as it may be wrong to admit, I love the hugs I get and how cuddly she is when she doesn't feel good or is extra tired and I'm rocking her. Here Daddy got some quality time the other day when she was both feeling yucky and tired from not napping due to not feeling very good. I also love watching how amazing Steve is with her and how much he obviously loves our little girl. (PS Steve obviously doesn't know I took this picture, so it's a secret.)
Another thing Ellie does right now is happily play. I love that you can tell how happy she is (she's such a good baby) all the time, even when she's not smiling. But I especially enjoy when she gets really excited and wound up. This is usually evident because she is doing some combination of: sticking her tongue out in a million different ways, panting, shaking her arms in the air, kicking frantically, etc.
Man, she's getting so big so fast! But, I'm glad that we have this blog to share with family and friends all the best parts of Ellie during each new phase!

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