Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ellie's 1st Halloween

For Ellie's first Halloween we played it pretty low key. However, since we'd been given really cute Halloween clothes, we did prepare throughout the week by wearing our Halloween jammies from Grandma as well as outfits like this.

I think she already understands this is a holiday a kid can appreciate. PS, one of my favorite pictures I've taken of her recently.
We also went to our ward party and Trunk-or-Treat Saturday night. Ellie was a ladybug. I know, store bought, but still very cute! And sorry, I'm not domestic... Don't mind the passifier, she was grumpy when we were trying to get pictures as she was tired and doesn't like getting dressed or having things on her head at first... Great combination, I know.Like I said, tired.... And here is when she woke up at the church while we were having dinner.
She was looking everywhere, and I think a little unsure about all the craziness going on around her.But eventually, she decided she was just fine so long as she was with Daddy. (Note: one of the rare pictures where you can clearly see a dimple! She has two, I promise.)
And before anyone asks, no we didn't go Trunk-or-Treating. We couldn't justify taking a toothless 2 month old around who we couldn't even claim would remember her first Halloween candy... We did however give plenty of candy out and our favorite quote of the night:
Two little girls came over to us and one was in a black dress so Steve asked her what she was. She shrugged and said she didn't know. Steve asked, "You don't know what you are?!" and she shrugged again and said no. So her friend decided to help her out and after looking her up and down for a moment happily exclaims, "You can be um... a black person!" and they walked off leaving Steve and I to guffaw and laugh. You've gotta love kids.

Today we went to church, and that about finishes out our Halloween plans. We don't really expect trick-or-treaters where we live and are planning on a fairly quiet evening. This was Ellie's outfit for her first Halloween.
At least until she spit up all over and smelled so much like vomit that I stripped her down... Happy Halloween!


  1. Awesome pics!! Great to see your 'bug'!!

  2. Ellie is so stinkin' adorable! I love the lady bug costume! And really it doesn't matter if it's not homemade! She looked just as cute!