Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Anniversary Trip

Steve and I decided we would shove all of the excitement we might want on our anniversary into the very first few hours of the day... Or rather, our little girl decided that for us. I know, she's not even here yet and she's already dictating our schedule.

Neither of us could seem to get tired enough to go to bed last night, so we began our anniversary by playing Mario Party 8 on the Wii. Something we spent a lot of time doing when we first got married and were in Moscow and hadn't done in a while. It's a pretty fun game, even if Steve won. We finally decided to go to bed after we'd finished playing (who are we kidding, we're night owls even when we're tired).

Normally when we lay down to go to bed, and in the evening in general as of late, our little girl is SUPER active. Like, move my stomach all over the place and bounce my scriptures up and down when I read them at night. However, I realized as we went to bed last night that she hadn't been very active - at all.

When I laid down, still nothing. Huh, that's weird... So after a few minutes of unusual quiet from the baby, we started to prod and push at her. She pretty much hates this and moves around a lot of the time even if we just rest a hand on her. But, nothing. After several minutes we finally got one or two tiny sluggish movements. Well, we'd read that if she suddenly decreased her activity, we needed to let the doctor know right away in case anything was wrong - but what do you do to let the doctor know at 2:00 AM?

So we decided to be cautious and call the hospital and ask them what they thought we should do. 10 minutes later, we had our hospital bags in the car, were dressed, Steve had a Mountain Dew in hand, and we were on our way to Tri-Cities. (They told us to come in to monitor her just in case...)

So we arrived, were greeted at the ER entrance by an obviously bored and friendly, chatty receptionist (she talked to us about the youtube video she'd just finished watching...) and then waited. Apparently they have a policy at the hospital that late at night when the building is mostly deserted pregnant women aren't allowed to walk through the hallways to the birthing center - just in case. So, we waited until a nurse came and pushed me through the hallways in a wheelchair, so I could stand up and walk in to the birthing center when we got there...

Got hooked up to some monitors, and then watched them carefully as the nurse explained what we should be looking for with the baby's heartbeat. A half hour later, she passed with flying colors. She also apparently still HATES heart-rate monitors and was VERY active while they were watching her heartbeat which was a relief to me to feel stronger movements again.

We got to leave and finally arrived home to say happy anniversary and go to bed at 4:30 this morning... Needless to say, we enjoyed a lazy day of sleeping in and taking it slow. We celebrated by enjoying time together, playing cribbage, eating corn from our garden, and buying and enjoying a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. We hope to go to dinner another night this week as it will be a while before we can go to a nice dinner again.

Oh, the other news was that while I was being monitored the nurse said I had a couple of small contractions - if they say so... So..... Hopefully not too much longer before our little girl arrives!

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