Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Steve - The Chick Magnet

So, many of you knew that Steve was quite the ladies man, and it seems that even now he can't give up his need to be surrounded by cute chicks. See what I mean?
Ok, so beyond the random women at grocery stores that flirt with him, these are Steve's latest conquests.

These are the pheasant chicks Steve is raising at his school right now. The prison in Connell raises them for people who want to release and hunt the males, so they basically give away females to schools that want to raise and release them. These guys have already grown a ton! And I absolutely love their giant feet and how quickly they run. Makes me think of Road Runner...
This little guy showed up a few weeks ago out of nowhere in the finch cage. Ok, so obviously not out of nowhere, but the finches had been laying dud eggs for quite some time and we did not expect anything to come of the latest batch. We only found him because I was going to clean out the latest batch of old eggs and bedding and found a little pink naked bird instead! Only a few weeks later he/she is completely feathered! Obviously, these guys grow up quick. The funny part is that it's obviously a Gouldian (one of our bright finches) because of the green, but the Gouldians lay lots of eggs, and then just leave them there. Then the Society finches (our brown and white ones) come and take care of the eggs - and this baby. Apparently if you want a great nursemaid, hire a society finch. Things we would keep in mind in August if we were finches...

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  1. Waaay cool. Thanks for the great pics. What a terrific display too; thanks for the photos and the update. Looks like you're making great progress, what lucky kids!