Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Organized

So we had a baby shower yesterday here in town that some of the women from our ward threw for me. It was great!
We got a TON of cute clothes - right after I had picked up a ton at a local garage sale. And I know we're getting more. This child will not run naked! Except when she strips down and flees later on....
These are just the clothes I ended up putting in storage after keeping out all the 0-3 month stuff.

We also got this great little bin organizer that I used to start getting things put in order.
All of a sudden having clothes around and things starting to appear in the nursery has things feeling a lot more real! And I'm beginning to get into panic mode where I am realizing that she could be here in 3 months and we haven't really even begun to prepare!
This is all we have besides clothes, the odds and ends in the tubs, the Bennett family bassinet, and our swing... Hence my worry. But, I suppose we can get an awful lot done in 3 months. Here's hoping!

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