Monday, December 21, 2009

An "Official" Blog

I am officially done with school. December 12th was graduation, but I wasn't there. Instead, I was coaching at an AAU tournament in Tri-Cities. I really wasn't sure how we'd do seeing as we were down to 5 girls thanks to traveling families and illness. So we picked up two girls from a nearby town I hadn't met until the night before our first game. They were good, and they helped our girls perform well too. Our first game they won by 20+ points. The second we didn't play as well, but they won by 6 or 8. Sunday, they won a really close game by 2 while we were at church. Then we got there just after their last game started Sunday afternoon and they won by 40+. So the girls won out and were divisional champs. I was so proud!

Anyway, back to school. My last final was December 17th and I am so glad to be done! Steve and I were also surprised and grateful that my parents got us a computer for my graduation present so that I can begin working on posters when we get back.

I was also excited and grateful to the UI College of Natural Resources. Not only have they given me scholarships and worked with me so I could finish my degree, but they also shipped me my honors cords from graduation since I wasn't there to pick them up and thanked me for being a good student. I'm so grateful to the UI, especially CNR for the great experiences and financial and social support I received there.

But I won't have as much time to work on them when we get back as I had planned because I am also officially employed. I am the second coach for the Mabton Middle School girls' basketball teams. Hooray for finally contributing and having a job!

So, I am officially done with everything undergrad and employed, and Steve and I are officially excited.

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  1. I officially congratulate you. And I officially say Congrats on the BB ball team. And I officially commend you for.... for..... being so official! Ha ha!