Monday, December 7, 2009

Averting old age by playing dress up

So many of you know that in 2 short months I turn 30 and thus begin the irreversible decline into the pit of old age. Ugh. Time for drastic measures, time to unleash my inner and outer child and have some pretend play to try and save some of my youth.

Behold Sam Fisher, one of the most badass videogame characters ever drawn. The Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is one of my all time favorite games. No matter what guys say, we only play video games because we can't actually do the stuff in the sneaking up and taking out a terrorist.

Ok so I have a gun instead of a knife, I'm wearing mainly blue instead of all black, and these days I'm not sure I could sneak up on a marching band but I AM wearing the headlight so its still close right? Maybe I'm trying for the wrong character......

Jack Bauer!! YEAH!!! Saves the USA from nuclear attack, biological attack, chemical attack, Presidential assassinations, you name it. No tact needed here, maybe I'm more of a Jack Bauer type. I need to make a decision I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO COMPLETE THIS BLOG!

Gun? Check. Badass look of "I just wanna shoot bad guys"? Check. Jack Bauer magic bag that carries half an armored brigade? Well I put a belt over my shoulder to look like I am carrying Jack Bauer's magic bag containing half an armored brigade........Damn pwned again.

So what brought on all this silliness? Well making Nicolle laugh by doing random stupid stuff just never gets old. But beyond that, that headlight has a story to it. So lets play a game, its called "Where's the car starter."

So...could you find the starter in this picture? Yeah nether could I. Couple of days ago we were in Tri-Cities when the solenoid stuck on our car. To fix it, I needed to find the starter and hit it to try and unjam the solenoid. Problem was, it was night, pitch black, and we were in a parking lot. Our good fortune was that we happened to have car troubles in the parking lot of a Lowes, so all the tools I needed were just a debit card swipe away. Part of the purchases was the headlight so I could see WHAT THE BLOODY HELL I WAS DOING.

Yeah, thats where some GENIUS engineer decided to hide the starter, it would be less cruel to give a "Where's Waldo" book to Stevie Wonder. All it all it cost me $15 in new tools, and three layers of skin off of my fingers. But we got the car going and got back to Prosser. After this experience, well maybe I wasn't thinking of shooting a bad guy in this pose but shooting the engineer who designed our freaking car.


  1. Ha!!! A little stealth could be cool....

    although I do have to ask 'whatcha gonna do with the almighty buddha' while your acting all sneaky commando?


  2. Steve, you're pretty good as all those guys, but how about dressing up as Happy Buddha? You will look like him a lot more than Jack Bauer. Ha ha!! JK!!!!