Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ellie's Birthday

Ellie's birthday was extra special and extra long this year.  In July, there had been sign-ups for mutton-bustin, which Ellie really wanted to do.  However, Steve had farm work and I had swim lessons, so I went and got in line before work.  Time was getting late though and I was still several people back, so I ended up asking the ladies in the front of the line if I could sign Ellie up quickly and they were so nice to let me do it! 

As a result, Ellie's birthday had us eating at Panda Express (her choice) on our way to the rodeo so Ellie could ride her first sheep.  (Per Ellie's request we had to go out and find Ellie a "cowgirl shirt" in red or blue because it was Patriotic night.)
We got to the rodeo early thinking that mutton bustin would be early on where it's all young kids.  Here the girls are getting acquainted with the sheep.
Wrong!  We were one of the last few events...  It was so late for our poor, tired kids.  We also learned after we got there that they didn't provide the protective equipment...  Ellie was clearly nervous, but we were proud that she bravely kept going since criers aren't allowed to ride.
 We learned too late that the parent can place the child on the sheep, and one rider didn't show which meant they announced Ellie wrong, but all the same - she rode!
 She fell off pretty quickly - you can see they put her too far up on the sheep - and scored a 51, but she hopped up quickly, gave a thumbs up and waved (as we'd discussed to try and avoid an upset reaction) and then was proud of herself, which was the biggest accomplishment for our very timid girl!
 Here are all the kids with their belt buckles.  She still loves this belt buckle and talks about trying again next year.  It was a huge relief for us to have had it go so well and we were so proud of her!

 A few days later, on the 14th, we had Ellie's birthday party.  It was her first friend birthday party and she was so excited.  We had 6 friends confirmed as coming, but only 3 made it that day.  We had lots of fun though.  Ellie chose a "Trolls" birthday party, so we watched Trolls and had popcorn and capri suns.  The girls took a break partway through the movie to make their own "hug-time bracelets," and I made Ellie the cake she wanted - a Baby Poppy cake.

 Ellie then opened her gifts.  Here is my favorite picture - the girls all in shock and excited when Ellie opened her new pearler beads from Aunt Julie. 
We have been trying to do more meaningful, homemade gifts for the kids.  Ellie wanted a "pretend face-painting kit" which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist...  So, I got an idea and I made one!  (I bought the brushes and pencil case obviously.)
Kassidy has dug her fingernails into the kit several times, requiring touch-ups, but Ellie liked the kit and I love giving her something so personalized that I put the time and effort into making just for her.

Ellie also opened gifts a few weeks later with family at Gavin's party - we did one party where Ellie and Gavin are only a few weeks apart.  And when the package from my parents arrived she opened her gift from them.  My Dad made her an amazing and personalized jewelry/treasure box.  The hilarious part is that two birthdays in a row - my girls loved the rock they sent!
I can't believe our big girl is seven already.  She keeps talking about her baptism next year and it is blowing my mind how big she is getting.  We sure love our giggly, gappy-toothed girl though!

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